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A revival of the Husraw Wisdom

Updated: Apr 21

In answer to the current hot question that people are asking about if the world will be the same or not and how people could envision what the future should look like after the corona pandemic I suggest we become committed to a revival of Husraw Wisdom.

To give you a broad overview of this program let me address some key underlying elements. 1. We need to recognize the importance of the holistic and integral thinking, feeling and activity based on the Zurvan framework: The whole, one, and entire, gender-less and neutral being which differentiates into Light versus Darkness, the key opposite twin, among other sorts of opposite twins such as good versus evil or death versus life, and therefore initiating a drama and ongoing tension and synthesis. 2.We need to adopt a worldview which accepts dynamic and evolving pathways versus static and unchanging universe or cosmos. 3. We need to discover and follow principles and values such as laws of nature (as in scientific physical and chemical equations), true rigorous knowledge (as in math theorems and data computation) versus false absurdities/beliefs, about objects/elements, structures, functions and behavior of complex systems — in particular the basic biology of organic matter and the larger systems of the world. Also we need to revise our definitions of Asha versus Druj (as in ethics or moral philosophy) for the good practices in societies respecting health and well-being of other fellow humans. Such a value system is developed based on the foundation of pantheism which puts an emphasis on natural as opposed to supernatural explanation and intervention. We could also identify this major event as a key turning point in our relations to the nature in which we should be living with more harmony. Moreover, by questioning the misleading artificial versus natural, cyborgs versus humans and similar dualities we can equip our new generations with whatever useful health related technological enablers or enhancers to move them beyond the current unstable equilibrium which is already disrupted.

4. We need to pay our attention to the big space and the constant and endless renewal in nature, humanity, world and cosmos through more interaction of our purposeful minds with them. Also, national or local level plans, futures documents or visions will not make much sense if not supported and enriched by active imagination and visionary capabilities aimed at developing truly alternative planetary futures.

5. We need to put this particular event into the perspective of the big time and choose a progressive purposeful evolution mindset as opposed to some cyclic aimless repetitions of major events. Based on this model of history the key stages are: a) construction, b) deconstruction, and c) better reconstruction. So the current deconstruction should not be depressing or disappointing for us at all. We need to appreciate the role of assuming open versus closed systems/subsystems at work by embracing the helpful effect of the introduction of an outsider or alien in our open system and then anticipate the benefits of systemic useful impacts in the rather unbounded, longer term horizons, instead of the bounded time of the outbreak.

6.We need to anticipate also the emergence of able leaders who have strong influential agency. A heroic multitudes of Saoshyants. Such leaders will have subjective sense of time yet will provide new governance rules for the community of followers who share a common and objective sense of time in the calendar. Enlightened and empowered leaders now in the making will find the resonance, the dance of change moment, with all people around them and will link their self-consciousness to collective consciousness. That leadership status will, of course, be temporary instead of permanent. The current crisis will be a fertile ground for the potential leaders to enhance their enlightenment in isolation, obtain higher levels in their cultivated mind, to show up later, and to provide useful innovative and intuitive solutions.

7. We need, finally, better access to more effective communication and media. Here it means better use of symbolic language and storytelling, in particular if done through modern mythology with ordinary many heroic shining and inspiring Saoshyants (i.e. science fiction characters) instead of resorting to or looking for answers in some ancient mythology with extraordinary few divine figures and saints. We need to look for simple encoding methods for formulation of complex ideas and messages. This requires avoiding poor and shallow representation of the threats and opportunities as opposed to some rich and deep appreciation of a wider range of additional existential risks. This will contribute eventually to living creatively — experiencing emerging opportunities.


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