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Africa Futures

There were a few positive news about the futures of Africa as we entered the 2020s.

First, a special issue on Afrofuturism was published by the Journal of Futures Studies in Tamkang University in Taiwan. That is going to put the spotlight on the African imagination and creativity in particular after the burden of colonialism is released.

Second, France decided to gradually end its historical intervention in the monetary system of the continent by ending the CFA franc currencies in many African countries.

Third, the US government decided to withdraw its military. Pulling out the American troops could mean that we can expect some more independence in the governance of the African affairs.

All the above combined with the announcement on the planned publication of the Journal of African Foresight give us much hope about the end of the colonialism in Africa. This potentially might release African people's huge mental and physical energy given their rich and unique legacy to work towards collective preferred future for Africa.

But we need to be cautious in our optimism because a deep report by Al Jazeera analysts says that Russia is joining China for open influence over Africa, not only by open military presence and training of loyal armed groups but also outright political intervention in the elections.

It seems to be a degree of quid pro quo between US/EU and Russia/China with respect to Africa. You should wonder if the US/EU are selling Africa to Russia/China then what they are anticipating to buy from them in the decade ahead!

Or even in yet another narrative or plot it could be possible that the US is dragging Russia into the continent following the lesson learned from the imperial overstretch theory developed by Paul Kennedy.

Overstretch of imperial powers is a big peril or trap for any visionary expansionist leader who doesn't take into account the realities in the core of the homeland.

One of the key events before the collapse of the former Soviet Union was the occupation of Afghanistan. It is, therefore, likely that stretching resources of a very weak and insignificant economy in Russia far into the regions in Africa will contribute to the future decline of the Russian influence which we see today in eastern Ukraine or Syria or Venezuela under the leadership of Vladimir Putin.


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