• Victor V. Motti

Good words and evil intentions 

A surprising common theme among a growing number of political leaders across the world is that many of them have a strong antipathy toward foreigners and they have adopted and are enforcing some strong protectionist agenda.

When those foreigners are going to be potential trouble makers inside the host country, if they don't like to increase their cultural literacy in the host countries after arrival, and refuse to become law abiding people, such a policy is of course sound and reasonable. But we need to see the another side of the coin as well. During the nights I often watch or read history documentary. Because that will give us a useful range of lessons to be learned, especially in our fast moving technological age characterized with limited attention span and poor shared memories of the past events on the planetary scale.

The last time we heard rather beautiful and good words with ugly and evil intentions was when the infamous German leader motivated and mobilized a whole nation around national identity towards planetary destruction. Here is some of his words from his first speech as Chancellor in the Berlin Sports Palace, February 10, 1933: "Never believe in outside help, never in help outside our own nation, our own people. In ourselves alone lies the future of the German people. If we ourselves uplift this German people to their own work, to their own diligence, their own determination, their own defiance, their own perseverance, then we will rise again, just as the fathers did not receive Germany as a gift, but had to create themselves."

One can hardly disagree with these good inspiring words if didn't know who was behind them and what was his ultimate plan and aim.

You can hear again now in 2020 similar highly motivating speeches by far-right and fundamentalist political leaders across the world. But we need to be hopeful that we can learn our lessons from history and avoid the path of transforming from good words and thoughts to evil intentions and actions which will repeat the shameful history in the future.

AI-enabled automation in addition to climate change will bring to us in the 2020s massive number of jobless people and mass migration among international borders.

These technology and environment related forces in the social background of an exaggeration of national, religious, ethnic, race significance inflames identity politics -- the catalyst that might accelerate the eruption of a horrible volcano which will throw away burning fire and darkening clouds.

This is certainly an existential risk for the planet if we are not alarmed already to take some balancing action.


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