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Interview with a WFSF Junior member

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Antalya , Turkey, 13 January 2020.

The World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF) , founded in 1973, is the leading international scholarly body of futures studies and also an official consultative partner of the UNESCO.

In 2019 the WFSF Executive Board initiated a new category of membership dedicated to the younger generation called the WFSF Junior. School age children can apply to join the WFSF provided that at least one of their parents or legal custodians are already individual, either Full or Associate, members of the WFSF.

In this short interview, Director of the WFSF, Victor V. Motti, asks a number of questions from one of the members of the WFSF Junior whose name is Arsam MATIN born in 2008 in Iran. Another interview with Arsam was published in the September 2019 issue of the WFSF Human Futures Magazine, pages 60-63.

He tells now us what are the goals that he wants to achieve in 2020: introducing and spreading Gen Z Futurists Movement and Platorm to the world.

1- Why and how you decided to join the WFSF?

I decided to join the WFSF because Dana MARDUK, a WFSF member and my stepfather, taught me a lot about the future of life and technology and I liked the topics a lot. He introduced you and the WFSF to me and I wanted to learn more about futures studies to build an amazing future for all children around the world. I would also like to teach other kids about future and help them to create their future.

2- Will you talk to your friends and classmates about the WFSF? How do they react to the news that you joined?

Yes I have talked to my friends about the WFSF and I tried to explain what futures studies is, but they thought I was going to become a fortune teller! Then I taught them a bit about the science of futures studies and they got interested to know more. As you know I did not have the chance to go to school which I am not sad about it because now I am studying about futures studies which my playmates have no idea about it. But I will try to teach my friends more about the WFSF and futures studies.

3- Are you happy with your homeschooling, will it prepare you for the future?

I thought it is not a good thing that I never had the chance to go to school but later when I watched videos about failed education system in the world and talked to my friends who are going to school, I found out that actually it has been my greatest chance in my life that I did not go to school. I am so happy that Mina, my mom taught me good things and now Dana is teaching me about futures studies. The stuff that my friends are learning at school will not be useful for them in the next 5 to 10 years so why should I spend my time and energy on something that is not useful in the future?! I am learning some skills like communication, cooperation, creativity and critical thinking beside the leadership that I want to lead a movement and manage a platform. Changing education system in the world is one of my big goals.

4- What were the most important news in your life? And what you like to hear in the news in 2020s?

The most important news in my life was to be accepted in the WFSF as the youngest futurist and the first member of WFSF Junior. Actually I want to be the most important news in 2020 by introducing and spreading Gen Z Futurists Movement and Platform to the world. I want to make this movement and platform news headline for all the media around the world

5- What would you do if you were in a powerful position in your country or community?

I would totally change the education system because most of the things children learn in this system is useless. Change and technology growth is exponential while our education system development is linear. Students at schools do not learn any practical skills, they only memorize information which will be useless in the next 5 to 10 years. We live in a new world and we need to learn new skills and prepare ourselves for new jobs and lifestyles.

6- What do you often do to increase your imagination and creativity?

I usually watch science fiction movies and animation, playing games, reading books and discussing with my family about future of everything. I also think about impossible things and ask myself how can we make this possible. For example I was watching 15 Global Grand Challenges from The Millennium Project YouTube channel and asked questions that how we can solve these problems by using new technologies.

7- What do you expect to obtain or benefit from your membership in the WFSF junior?

What I want from the WFSF is to support Gen Z Futurists Movement and platform to make it an international activity in schools and each school have a lesson of futures studies and teaching children about future. I am thinking about the first international conference of WFSF Junior in 2022 and I hope the WFSF can help us to teach children all over the world about futures studies to build a better future for children and all the world. If you let me I want to invite all parents to encourage their children to join WFSF Junior and also Gen Z Futurists to make the bold and positive impact in the world. Children can follow me and join us in

Finally I would like to thank you for the opportunity to talk to you and share my goals with all.

Photo Album

Arsam interview in the Sep 2019 issue of the WFSF Human Futures Magazine

Arsam announcing his Generation Z Futurists movement in his YouTube channel

Arsam with the WFSF Director Victor V. Motti in Antalya Province in 2019 in Turkey


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