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Look at 2010s to sense 2020s

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Jerome C. Glenn, the Co-Founder and CEO of the Millennium Project, a Futures Research Think Tank based in Washington DC, has been collecting and sharing an item by item list of important major events since 2010 which is called Year in Review.

When looking at the complete list of events since 2010 until 2019, the key message that I am taking away from the 2010s is that the humanity is going on a combined path of both linear progress and cyclic oscillation, a long lasting pattern, which I believe will continue well into the future decades.

I even tried using the data to draw separate timelines for the 2010s in Social, Technological, Environmental, Economical, and Political (STEEP) domains of reality.

Take a look at these, for example.

2010s Social Timeline:

2010s Technological Timeline:

2010s Environmental Timeline:

2010s Economical Timeline:

2010s Political Timeline:

I didn't have the exact dates and so put the dates arbitrarily in a given year. And in some cases the exact dates of observations made are irrelevant.

If you login into that website you can make a lot of edit and add many more features like video or photo and do some related analysis.

While doing the timelines I sensed in an intuitive manner a degree of an increasingly hotter planet, a hotter passion for space settlement, an increasing likelihood of a hot nuclear war or skirmish, increasingly hotter protests on the streets, and finally and less surprisingly hotter expression of sexuality.

Hopefully during the 2020s decade we continue the positive hotness and whenever possible provide solutions to cool off the negative trends.


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