• Victor V. Motti

Multidisciplinary Studies: A Call for Chapters

Updated: May 17

Edited Collection Title:

Multidisciplinary Studies: Towards New Education and Research


In response to the accelerating growth of knowledge there are increasingly calls for multidisciplinary mode of education and research not only for the purpose of innovation but also for the expansion of the mind. This trend combined with new learning platforms promises a shift in the education systems. We need new theories and practices to make multidisciplinary studies more attractive and more effective.

About the Editor

Victor V. Motti is an international writer, speaker, and foresight adviser. His 2019 book published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing is on Alternative Planetary Futures. He has been a guest speaker at international conferences in Europe, North Africa and Asia, speaking on key transitions at planetary and regional levels for the 2030, 2050 and 2060 horizons.


Multidisciplinary; Transdisciplinary; Futures Studies; Higher Education; Interdisciplinary; Wisdom Studies; Specialization; Learning; Innovation; Accelerating Change

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