• Victor V. Motti

Welcome to the new decade

I wish you and the loved ones a Happy New year ahead.

Let me take this opportunity to announce the launch of my new weblog.

Here I am aiming to share with you some interesting ideas and sometimes provide quick analysis on topics of general interest.

If you like you can share the link to this application on with your friends and colleagues so that they can also join our community.

I strongly believe that the new decade of 2020s is going to be fantastic in terms of science and technology progress and hopefully some social innovation could happen as well that may help us prepare for shifting towards a new level of complexity, creativity and higher future-ready consciousness.

Just in case that you might have missed the news please note that you can find on my website a newsletter which is supposed to be published monthly. Please check out my website and see if you are interested to subscribe to that newsletter.

You can also watch my YouTube channel in which I have opened already a few playlists featuring science fiction, distant futures of everything, strategic foresight, and alternative planetary futures.


For inquiries please contact:

 | WhatsApp: +90 552 550 70 57  |  Skype ID: victorvmotti | Email: |

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